Beverly Miller
Albert Graziosa
Reva and Alan Rothenberg
Jared Silverman
Ronnie Stack
Jeannette Zawitosky
Richard Royals
The Mills Family
Ronald and Julia Appel
Brian Pepe
Carolyn Quenon
Berdon LLP
Michael T. Langan
Michael Schreiber
Howard and Marilyn Weisler
Martin and Adrienne Chernick
Rustan Lundstrum (Coach Grill and Tavern)

Richard and Norine Bonanno
Susan Ring and Joseph Pellicano
Stanley and Jo Ann Katz
Viola Quintero
Gail W. Reilly
Barbara Liguori
Elizabeth Erickson
Marguerite Peugeot
Donna Rees
Stanley and Carol Weinstock